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The particular emphasis that we, following the Fathers as documented by Dujarier in his study cited here, want to give the term discipleship, as opposed to the usual term catechumenate, aims, first, to restore to ancient Christian initiation its true nature, Turkey Map i.e., that of a preparation for the three sacraments of Christian initiation which takes place in the heart of the ecclesial community, and not mainly in the context of a different structure, i.e., an institutionalized catechumenate. This does not change the fact that for ancient Christian initiation there were, as we will show, particular moments and rites, but they were not the substance, so to speak, of the preparation itself. Second, the idea of discipleship adds the perspective of the Fathers, who see Christian initiation in the light of the biblical category of discipleship, which faithfully includes and surpasses the content covered by the category catechumenate. The category discipleship thus assures a faithfulness both in content and regarding the term itself. Third, it should be noted that discipleship refers also to the time after baptism, when the neophyte is still a disciple, whereas catechumenate refers to nothing beyond baptism. In fact, all of life is lived as discipleship of Christ: the catechumenate is only a preparation to enter that life ibid., 537; G.P. Peron, Seguitemi! Vi far² diventare pescatori di uomini Mk 1,17, Rome 2000.

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