Tunis City Map

Free Countries Tunis City Map: Tunisia
Free Time Zone of Tunis City Map: UTC+1
Free Languages of Tunis City Map: Tunisian Arabic( known as Derja),Shelha,(A Berber language)
Free Religions of Tunis City Map: Islam,Judaism,Christian(Chatolic)
Free Tunis City Map States: Tunis
Found to Tunis City Map: 4th century BC
Free Tunis City Map and Area: 212.63 km2
Free Tunis City Map and Population: 2,256,320
Free Tunis City Map And Lat Long Coordinate: 36°48′N 10°11′E
Free Interesting places of Tunis City Map: gates of the medina
  Théâtre municipal de Tunis.
  Belvedere Park
  Lake Tunis
  Bardo Museum (Le Musée National du Bardo)
  Dar Ben Abdallah (Musée du Patrimoine Traditionnel)
  Cathedral of St. Vincent de Paul
  Zitouna Mosque (Jemaa ez-Zitouna)
  Bab Bahr (Porte de France)
  Bab Saadoun. Another gate
  Musée Paléochrétien (Early Christian Museum )

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