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Tumbes Travel on Chapter 8 investigates the decline of the figure of the citizen-worker. This involves a consideration of how the mobility and proliferation of borders adds an unprecedented intensity and diffusion to the divisions and hierarchies that characterize the organization of labor under capitalism. Talcing this into account, we also grapple with the critical discussion on the issue of translation that has developed in recent years through the boundaries of a number of disciplines, from cultural and postcolonial studies to political theory and philosophy. We stress the materiality (the labor) of translation to derive a concept of translation adequate to the production of a political subject that can meet the challenge of the bordering processes that cut and cross the contemporary world. Chapter 9 extends this discussion by relating this concept of translation to practices of struggle, in particular to the problem of how a new conception of the common might be forged by practices of translation between different struggles. Critically discussing theories of articulation and universalism, we attribute a special role to the encounter with the untranslatable in tearing established political subjectivities away from themselves and opening new horizons for the production of the common. This leads to an emphasis, throughout our argument, on the contestation of the border practiced daily by subjects in transit. Tumbes Travel 2016.

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