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It forbade trustee bishops’ misappropriation of vacant sees RC 74. It reactivated some old rules, such as obliging bishops to attend councils RC 76 and forbidding them to leave their goods to pagans or heretics RC 81. It also forbade their affiliating a foreign monk to their dioceses or entrusting the direction of a monastery to such RC 60. Tulsa Map Tourist Attractions It prescribed the baptism of children whose baptism was in doubt, particularly those ransomed from barbarians RC 72. It laid down how much respite should be allowed to condemned clergy to make arrangements for appeal RC 79. The delegates to the imperial court were entrusted with the question of manumissio RC 82, that of the defensores ecclesiae RC 75, and that of the struggle against paganism RC 84. Finally, the council set up a commission of 20 bishops to restore order in the church of Hippo Diarrytus Bizerta and replace Equitius RC 78. CCL 149, 198-205; Hfl-Lecl II, 126-128; Palazzini 1, 257. In 402 the plenary African council was held at Milevis in Numidia. In 403 one was held at Carthage on 25 August. It decided to continue the effort to bring the Donatists back to the unity of the Catholic faith, particularly by inviting them to take part in public conferences, like debates. To avoid and detect chicanery, invitations would be made by local magistrates, so that formal proof of the facts should be in the public archives RC 91-92.

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