Trips to hawaii

Trips to hawaii on Casting a pall over all, the looming presence Gaye 106 of the elder Gay and his son’s resentment fed by memories of daily beatings received as a youth under his Father’s roof. As tensions mounted within the family and verbal clashes between Marvin and Father increased, the preacher repeated the threat he had made since his son was a child, If he touches me, I’ll kill him. Shortly before noon on Sunday morning, April 1, 1984, one day before Marvin Gaye’s 45th birthday, Father Gay made good his threat. Gaye and Alberta were upstairs quietly talking in Marvin’s room when Father, downstairs, angrily shouted about some insurance documents he could not locate. Father continued to scream at his wife and Gaye shouted to the man to come upstairs where they could talk to him. The 70-year-old man entered Marvin’s room, shouted again at his wife, prompting Gaye to order him out of the room. When Father refused, Marvin shoved his father into the hallway and began punching and kicking the elderly man. Trips to hawaii 2016.

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