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Trips china on Warmly embraced by the French public, Charlotte faced a reduced charge of murder with excuse of provocation as her trial began on May 20, 1931, at the Criminal Court of the Alpes Maritimes in Nice. If convicted, she faced a two to five year prison sentence. Hundreds jammed the courtroom while police contained thousands more of her supporters in the streets. Aware of the weaknesses in its case and the strong public support for the widow, the prosecution produced no witnesses. Pleading self-defense, Charlotte was portrayed as a faithful woman wronged by a brutal husband who was both mentally and physically ill. Scores of witnesses supported Charlotte who, taking the stand in her own defense, tearfully and haltingly told the court of the nightmare her life had been with the violently jealous older man. Her defense attorney ended an eloquent summation by pointing to his client and pronouncing, She is too beautiful to be bad. Trips china 2016.

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