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Trip to usa on 875 to put in a test with the range barrier, or even a deeper ceiling test with the 1 -4 cluster. By simply raking in the profits in bar 5 (yielding a favorable risk/reward ratio of close to 1 : 2), a trader not only keeps it simple, he keeps it profitable as well. 413 Understanding Price Action I Fig 1 1 . 141 Dow mini 400 tick 11:00 12:00 H;OO 15:00 19;00 08 02:00 03:00 a. Trip to usa 2016.

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I paced the bridge for my four-hour anchor watch from eight until midnight, clockwatching. The second mate arrived at ten past midnight, looking ill after having stayed up too late before hitting his bunk. I did a 30-second handover and vaulted down the steps to the bar. The whole crowd was there: the Old Man, chief engineer, chief mate, first mate, fourth mate, cadets, Sparks and most of the engineers. They were all well-oiled and making a merry racket, the bins behind the bar were overflowing with empties.

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