Trip for 2 to hawaii

Trip for 2 to hawaii on Brown, however, became prime suspects based on their weak alibis, and were placed under close police surveillance. From their command post in Stringbean’s cabin, authorities played a waiting game, convinced solid police work combined with the $30,000 reward offered by friends of the Akemans would result in a solid lead. In late November their patience paid off. James Morris, a coworker with Doug Brown at American Marine Company, a fiberglass boat fabricating business, stepped forward anxious to claim the reward. Morris told police that while at Ameri can Marine he overheard Doug Brown and co-worker William Edward Downey, planning a home burglary that would net them in the range of $20,000? $30,000. To bolster his claim, Doug Brown flashed a .32-caliber pistol. Trip for 2 to hawaii 2016.

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