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Trip deals to hawaii on Asked if she had been attacked by Arbuckle or anyone else, Rappe responded emphatically, No. The next day when Beardslee examined her he found a copious amount of blood in her urine. Arbuckle was back in Los Angeles celebrating the debut at Grauman’s Egyptian Theatre of his new smash, Gasoline Gus, when after three days languishing in the St. Francis, Rappe was transferred to the Wakefield Sanatorium. The aspiring actress died there on September 9, 1921 from what the medical report characterized as peritonis brought on by a bladder ruptured by an extreme amount of external force. Again, controversy surrounds the death. An autopsy revealed Rappe had recently undergone an abortion partially responsible (with the presence of venereal disease) as the cause of a running abscess in her vagina for upwards of six weeks. Trip deals to hawaii 2016.

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