Travelling Securely And Safely

The world in places can be dangerous, but in many places it is usually safe. There are some desperate places and people, maybe even in your home town, but these are a minority. You’re probably more likely to get into trouble at home than when travelling if you follow these common sense tips on your trips.

1. Look Around And Stay Alert

Get in the habit of looking back when you get up to leave somewhere. Travel is very distracting, and you are probably carrying more stuff than when you’re at home, so you’re more likely to leave items behind when you stand up to leave.

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Keep alert as well for what other people are doing. Look out for suspicious behaviour in the locals, and watch out for large groups of people who might come your way. Another group of tourists are not going to cause you trouble, but a bunch of locals with a mean look on their faces could mean trouble if you hang around too long.

2. Don’t Travel Alone

In some places you are better off travelling with other people, or least one other person. You can look out for each other and criminals are less likely to take advantage of two or more people as it is more work for them.

Some parts of the world are safe to travel in alone, but travelling with others can also be more fun than just going by yourself. And even if you are travelling with others, don’t go wandering off by yourself far from the group, especially if they do not know what you are doing.

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