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Travelling around asia on While conservatism in the markets is highly promoted, it is always a pleasant fact that many parties have no problem with aggression. For example, the typical buying of the proverbial falling knife on a 50 percent correction can be indirectly beneficial to the breakout trader’s cause, for this kind of bravery is necessary to slow down the pullback’s momentum, so as to set the stage for a sideways phase from where a more conservative trade may sprout. A rather effective way to anticipate the break from this buildup is to monitor closely the current low of the pullback and the first high that follows it. The moment prices edge down from the latter, we can already wrap a box around both extremes and extend it to the right. (In this situation, the initial box could have been plotted around the low of bar 1 0 and the high of bar 1 1 ; prior to the actual breakout, however, I adjusted the top barrier a little to match the high of bar 1 3 . ) With an empty box i n place, the next few bars will usually start to pull and push within it-the first stage of buildup. There is no way of knowing, of course, how many bars will show up in the box, but each one will add to the pre-breakout tension. Travelling around asia 2016.

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