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Traveling to hawaii on The target side is set at a distance of 20 pip from entry, the stop at a distance of 1 0 . These settings are not merely chosen for their ease of application. In a normally active eurjusd session, a 20 pip target complies fairly well with an average double-pressure pop from a buildup situation that is likely to have our interest. As to the 1 0 pip stop, to some readers this may seem awfully tight, but it is thoughtfully chosen as well: it allows a trade some room to breathe, but not to the point of hope-and-pray. Observation has it that if we position ourselves on a break in line with dominance, carefully selected and stemming from a buildup situation, there is usually little to be gained by setting protection at a level further out. Hundreds of trade examples in the chapters ahead will aim to validate this bold premise. To ensure a protective exit at all times, the stop-side of the bracket is a market order too; when hit, this order will close out the position no matter what. Traveling to hawaii 2016.

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