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Traveling packages on Arbuckle’s voice that he hired him at $17.50 a week to croon illustrated songs at the Unique Theatre, which he owned. An impromptu singing performance orchestrated by Grauman, Sr. led to Arbuckle’s hiring by theatre owner Alexander Pantages to perform at his Portola Cafe in San Francisco for one year and also to tour the West Coast on the Pantages Circuit. Ironically, Pantages was arrested in 1929 and charged with the rape of a 17-year-old vaudeville dancer, Eunice Pringle, in the office of his Pantages Theatre in Hollywood. Convicted and sentenced to 50 years, Pantages was acquitted in a second trial, but was ruined emotionally and financially. In 1906, Arbuckle was earning $50 a week singing at the Star Theatre in Portland, Oregon when a fateful meeting with Australian comedian and theatre owner Leon Errol led to an invaluable career opportunity. Traveling packages 2016.

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