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Traveling in usa on 45-caliber bullet wound behind her right ear. The bullet exited Gail’s left temple and was recovered from a sofa pillow beneath her head. A spent cartridge was found four feet from the woman’s body. The gun was never found. Neal was cooperative with authorities, but under the advice of Cantillon refused to make a statement. An autopsy fixed the time of Gail’s death between 2:30 P.M. Traveling in usa 2016.

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I had a sink in one corner, with a shower room and toilets down the alleyway. By contrast, the first mate’s cabin next door was huge – a three-room suite with dayroom, bedroom and shower/toilet. On the deck above, the chief officer had an even more palatial residence, having assigned himself one of the better passenger cabins. I seethed with envy as I unpacked in my hutch and stowed my gear away. The officer’s bar was decent, big and light, with plenty of room at and behind the bar.

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