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Travel websites on In most instances, a single line or a box is all it takes to stay focused on the development at hand. Once we have established a visual on a boundary of interest, our next task is to monitor how well this barrier holds up when raided. As we know, a mere perforation may not call for action yet (think tease and false break traps), but things always get interesting when attackers and defenders start to battle it in a tight group of alternating bars pushing up or down against the barrier. Within this buildup we then need to identify a crucial bar-the bar from which break to take position. In a textbook example of a bull-side breakout, this will be a bullish bar positioned at the end of the current cluster, with a close against the pattern barrier. When a subsequent bar takes out this bar at the top, the pattern defense is now considered broken and we can enter long at the market. On a bear-side trade, the situation is simply reversed (shorting the break of a bearish bar). Travel websites 2016.

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