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Travel to the usa on In view of such potential obstruction, an idea could be to accept these type of wagers only if the reversal exit is part of operating tactics. Should prices start to falter, manual intervention could then save the trade from incurring more damage than necessary. In this particular instance, it may have been an option to have scratched the trade as soon as bar 8 re-entered the box extension, but let us just assume to have been shaken out in the low of bar 8. The follow-up action illustrates how important it is for a trader to accept his mishaps as a cost of business and always remain on the alert for another try (without any need for vindication!) . Possible re-entries may have been deployed either above bar 9 , or on the pattern break pullback variant above bar 1 0. If the 20 pip target hadn’t been met in the high of bar 1 1 , a sharp reversal exit below bar 1 2 would have been a valid call, in avoidance of the DO-level adverse magnet (M-pattern middle-part reversal, coinciding with an angular line perforation) . As bears took over, bulls were forced to retreat and this had prices falling below the round number and the 25ema again. Travel to the usa 2016.

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