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ACCOMMODATIONS : Recommendable hotels in Leopoldville are the Regina Hotel, Memling and the Palace. The daily rates are $5 to $7 single and $6 to $8 double, including breakfast, about $1.25 more for air conditioned rooms. In Brazzaville, across the Congo River 20 minutes by ferryboat, is the Relais Hotel, an excellent hotel with exquisite French cuisine. At Costermansville (Bukavu) the Royal Residence Hotel offers all the comforts of a first-class hotel in the United States. Both single or double rooms are available from $6 Comfortable and, clean guest houses are available all over the eastern parts of the Belgian Congo.

ARTS : There is a museum of native arts in Leopoldville ariJI a native crafts school of pottery in both Leopoldville and Brazzaville.

BANKS : In Leopoldville, Banque Centrale, Banque du Congo Beige, Banque Beige d’Afrique, Societe Congolaise de Banque, Credit Congolais, Kredietbank, Banque Nationale pour le Commerce et l’lndustrie, Banque de Paris et des Pays-Bas. Branch banks in other cities. Travelers checks are accepted in all banks and hotels.

CALENDAR OF HOLIDAYS : In addition to red-letter Catholic holidays: July 1, declaration of the Congo as an independent state (it became a colony in 1908); July 21, Independence Day of Belgium; November 15, Dynasty’s Day.

CIGARETTES AND TOBACCO : Most American cigarettes and tobacco are available. A package of American cigarettes costs about 20 cents. Local brands are very poor and produced mainly for native consumption.

CLIMATE : The climate is hot and very humid in the western and central sections with frequent torrential rains from November to May. The dry season is most pronounced at the mouth of the Congo and on the Southern plateau (Elisabethville). June through September are the best months to visit the Belgian Congo because there is no rainfall during this period, and the evenings are always comfortably cool.

CLUBS : The country club at Leopoldville and other sport clubs such as Cercle Hippique are available only by invitation. Rotary Club.

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