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CALENDAR OF HOLIDAYS : New Year’s Day; April 6, Van Riebeeck Day; Good Friday; Easter Monday; Ascension Day; May 31, Union Day; 2nd Monday in July, Queen’s Birthday; First Monday in September, Settlers Day; October 10, Kruger Day; December 16, Day of the Covenant; Christmas; and December 26, Boxing Day. ‘ CIGARETTES, CIGARS AND TOBACCO :South Africa manufactures its own cigarettes. English brands are available, but expensive.

CLIMATE : You can be comfortable visiting South Africa almost any time of the year. There are no extremes of climate and a high average of daily sunshine. The seasons being reversed, September is spring in South Africa, winter extends from May to August. The Cape has its rains during winter and the rest of the country during the summer months. With the exception of the east coast belt in summer, there is little humidity.

CLUBS: Club life plays an important part in the social life of Johannesburg. There are many clubs which are glad to welcome visiting tourists to the city. Among the social clubs are the Rand, the New, the Union and the Automobile Club. For the ladies the American Women’s Club, Martha Washington Club and Rand Women’s Club and the Vanguard are always glad to welcome guests. Visiting Rotarians are invited to phone the local Secretary (23-3376). They will be made welcome. Sports clubs include the Rand Flying Club, Wanderers, Royal Johannesburg Golf Club, Inanda Polo Club, Jockey Club and the Turf Club. The Transvaal Golf Union Club and Huddle Park Course are open to all.

In Cape Town the Rotary Club, Cape Town City Club, Royal Cape Yacht Club, Zeekoe Vlei Yacht Club, Cape Hunt and Polo Club, Mountain Club of South Africa and the Ski Club, Royal Cape Golf Club. The Cape Town Publicity Association in Adderley Street will be glad to give advice regarding temporary membership for visitors.

COMMON COURTESIES AND LOCAL CUSTOMS :The black people are pure-blooded aboriginals, usually of the Bantu race. Persons of mixed origin are referred to as colored. The word native refers to a black man, so when speaking to white people refer to them as just that. South Africans are internationally famous for their hospitality. City dwellers are great tea drinkers and country people great coffee drinkers.

Another South African institution is the sundowner party, which means getting together at the end of the day for drinks. Another pleasant custom similar to our own barbecue, braaivleis (pronounced bry-flace- a combination of the Afrikaans words braai to roast, and vleis meat).


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