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Travel to ireland on Undeterred, the con artist deposited the infant with Gawron (also in charge of her two other children) and continued her criminal activities which now expanded to include several illegal marriages. Bonny Lee Bakley, however, had been on police radar since 1989 when she was arrested in Memphis on a misdemeanor drug charge and fined $300. In September 1994, the 38-year-old was arrested for misrepresentation of the value of property after attempting to pass two bad checks for $600,000 and $2,000 drawn on the account of a Memphis record company. The charge was pleaded down and she escaped serious jail time with a $1000 fine and a sentence of three years performing weekend work on a penal farm. In February 1996, Bakley was picked up in Arkansas in possession of seven driver’s licenses, 16 stolen credit cards, and five Social Security cards all bearing different names. The false identification came in handy when renting post office boxes around the country for her mail order scam. The case did not go to court for 17 months, but in February 1998 she was placed on probation for three years and forbidden to leave the state without permission except to see Paul Gawron and her children in Memphis. Travel to ireland 2016.

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