Travel To Hawai

CLIMATE: There are frequent but short showers. Like spring or early fall on the Mainland. Generally speaking, it’s “short-sleeved” weather.

CLUBS: Rotary, Lions, Y.M.C.A., Kiwanis, Junior Chamber of Commerce, American Legion, Soroptomist, Zonta, Altrusa. For golf and tennis’clubs, see sports.

COMMON COURTESIES AND LOCAL CUSTOMS: The Hawaiian lei is a very special thing. It can be made of any one of a number of native flowers, but each island has its own lei and every flower lei has a different meaning. Hawaiians are American citizens and refer to the United States as the Mainland.

COMMUNICATIONS: RCA, Mackay, and Globe Wireless, telephone, radio and airmail,: CURRENCY: Same as in the States.


FOR UNITED STATES CITIZENS: Since Hawaii is a United States territory, U.S. citizens need no passport or visa for entry but only some proof of citizenship for return to the United States. For entry from any foreign country, however, U.S. citizens need a valid passport and vaccination certificates the same as for reentering the United States.

DRUG STORES: Many of them the same as in the States.

ELECTRIC CURRENT: Same as in the United States, 120 volts, A.C.

FLORA: The Hawaiian Islands are a living flower show. Hibiscus blooms the year round. Bougainvillaea is everywhere, as is the famous night-blooming Cereus. The fabulous Bird of Paradise is guarded preciously when it blooms. Orchids are everywhere and are even sold in the dime stores. Hawaii’s flowering trees are wonderful to see. The African tulip tree, the jacaranda, the shower trees, and Pride of India, the Poinciana and many others are all indigenous to the Islands’ and add to their charm.

FOOD:There are many restaurants and hotels where you can get international food. And, of course, there are wonderful Chinese and Japanese restaurants. The luau, which is an Hawaiian feast, features the Hawaiian dish poi, a paste made of the root of the taro plant. You must try it, along with the local fruits and juices, such as pineapple, papaya, guava nectar, passion fruit juice and papaya juice.

LAUNDRY AND DRY CLEANING: Modern facilities same as in the States.

LIQUOR. . All of the usual brands are available at regular prices. There are exotic local drinks with floating Vanda orchids, such as Moana Banyan Court Punch.

MEDICAL FACILITIES: Same as in the States.


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