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Travel to asia on In 2002, I published the book Suicide in the Entertainment Industry that documented 840 cases of self-slaughter committed by show business? related persons during the twentieth century. Like this effort, it was a hopefully interesting and entertaining encyclopedia of cases selected for their notoriety, fame, or appeal to the author. Call it an underground history of show business inspired by Kenneth Anger’s Hollywood Babylon books. The present work is a companion volume to Suicide chronicling nearly 300 cases of broadly defined celebrity homicide in which the person under discussion is either the actual or suspected perpetrator or victim of a homicide. In these pages you’ll find a lineup of the usual and not so usual suspects actors (Bob Crane, Sal Mineo, Dorothy Stratten), directors (Pier Paolo Pasolini, Theo van Gogh), disc jockeys (Alan Berg, Nan Wyatt), dancers (Sampih, Jennifer Stahl), musicians and singers of all stripes (Spade Cooley, John Lennon, Tupac Shakur, Michael Jackson), porno people ( John C. Holmes, the Mitchell Brothers), record executives and producers ( Joe Meek, Phil Spector), and many more. Check out the Occupations appendix for various groupings of individual perps and vics. Travel to asia 2016.

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