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The American Adventure is on higher ground than the rest of World Showcase and it occupies 108,000 square feet. The main structure is a representation of 18th century Georgian architecture, with 110,000 bricks made of real Georgia red clay. Classic parts of this style are porticos, columns, quoined corners, and a clock and bell tower. The tailored gardens and hedges, as well as structural elements, trick the eye into seeing the building as smaller than it really is, through the use of forced perspective. It was important to the Imagineers that the pavilion be large enough to host many events, but not to look huge in comparison to the other countries. The main building is actually five stories, but it appears to be two. The doors on the first floor are approximately ten feet tall. There is an open portico to the right of the main building. This is where the Kidcot station is located. It is a quiet, comfortable, shady spot to take a seat while your children color their Kidcot fans. The gardens have groupings that accentuate the patriotic red, white, and blue theme of the pavilion. Look at the red brick leading up to the pavilion, as well as the main building, the blue water fountain, and the white architectural accents on the buildings. There are four different shades of white used here. Imagineer John Hench was gifted with impeccable knowledge and skill in color theory. He created the perfect combination for the American Adventure, as well as in many other places throughout Walt Disney World. Inside the lower lobby of the American Adventure is a beautiful oval rotunda, surrounded by Corinthian-style columns. The floor is marble with inlaid copper. On the walls are quotes and works of art from famous American moments in history. To the far right end is the American Heritage Gallery museum. It highlights items with special historical importance. The museum changes its focus from time to time. It has a unique feature; if you turn the knob on the lights placed around the collection, the flame will turn into a talking hologram to teach you more about the subject. On the way to the final waiting area for the film, also called the American Adventure, you will take a set of stairs or escalators up through the Hall of Flags. Here are 44 different historical United States flags, including one of every form of the American flag. Notice the extensive carved eagles wall art. As you move toward the large theater entrance, look at the Colonial period furnishings, and take a peek down into the rotunda below. The red, white, and blue color scheme continues in the 1,024 seat theater. Along the side walls are 12 carved marble statues referred to as the Spirits of America. They are: Adventure, Compassion, Discovery, Freedom, Heritage, Independence, Individualism, Innovation, Knowledge, Pioneering, Self-Reliance, and Tomorrow. Each statue is of a famous American that represents that particular Spirit.

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The American Adventure Pavilion at Epcot's World Showcase

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