Travel Insurance

This is mainly for health costs if you get ill or injured while abroad. Hospital costs can quickly get into the tens of thousands of dollars, even for a minor injury. Insurance is worth it, as medical care can cost a fortune, and in a foreign country you are more likely to be in unusual situations where you could get hurt or injured.

And if your luggage is delayed and you have to buy items to replace what was in your suitcase, insurance can pay out for some of those items.

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Avoid Displaying Too Much

Avoid public displays of affluence. If you’re travelling abroad then you’re more than likely to be richer than most of the locals, but advertising this fact by wearing gold jewellery or carrying a $2000-camera around your neck is not advisable. It makes you a target for thieves.

Leave your jewellery at home and keep your camera in a bag when you’re not using it. Don’t even carry your camera in unsafe areas, and dress more like the locals than a tourist in expensive designer gear.

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