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Travel in america on As to the latter, it is vital to realize that there are numerous parties in the market whose favorite game is not to trade but to counter the break, particularly those set poorly. Support and resistance levels can serve many purposes, but their biggest virtue is that we can derive from their presence an idea on the dominant party in the chart. This is valuable information; not only will it point us in the proper direction for our trades, it will tell us also which side of the market to shun. For we shouldn’t trade against dominance. A very effective way to identify the dominant party is to simply follow the overall slope of the market. When a chart is dominated by the bulls, even modestly, prices will make new highs on the whole and the bearish corrections along the way will have a hard time surpassing former lows. 9 Understanding Price Action And even when prices start to falter in the higher region of the chart, bulls are technically still in control as long as they manage to keep the market up in levels higher than or equal to a former significant low. Travel in america 2016.

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