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Having read articles over the last few months about ‘out-of-season' and pensioner rates I have to put our very personal viewpoint forward, for what it's worth. Being pensioners on a very reduced budget, we visit sites only out of season and are very appreciative of those sites which give some kind of pensioner discount. We will always return to them. We prefer rustic sites and stay away from sites which are described with that horrible word ‘luxurious'… we can't afford luxury and don't want it.

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(Although it must be good for some people. ) As for the definition of a pensioner… how about setting an age of 65, which can easily be checked from the ID book? We travel in a camping Kombi and, after years of trial and error, we have a battery system that seems to work very well for us.

Both batteries are under the front seats, which restricts the space available. The main car battery is a Willard 651 which has a very handy condition-indicator. This is connected to a 652 agm 70 Ah deep cycle battery via a National Luna intelligent solenoid. The main power draw is our 40 lt fridge which draws 5 amps on 12 V and doesn't knock the deep cycle too much whilst driving. At sites with power, we run the fridge on 220 V and charge the deep cycle with a PS 004 4 amp smart battery charger from Midas.

We believe that we can get about two to three days of use without charging. There are other, more powerful, chargers available at much increased cost. This has not been a cheap system to install, but it saves us in the long run from changing bog-standard batteries every year. As always, I thank our local auto-electrical company for their patience and advice.

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travel in a camping Kombi

travel in a camping Kombi

travel in a camping Kombi

travel in a camping Kombi

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