30 min before first tour.

Q Apr-Oct: 1pm Mon-Fri (Sep: also 3pm), noon, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm Sat & Sun; May-Aug: noon, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm daily (mid-Jun-mid-Aug also 4pm). Eng tours 10 min past the hour except Apr

& Oct Mon-Fri. looms Skokloster Pageant (last week in Jul).
TRAVEL HOUSE SWEDEN on spatial summation a neural mechanism in which an impulse is propagated by two or more postsynaptic POTENTIALS OCCUIling simultaneously at different synapses on the same neuron, when the dis- charge of a single synapse would not be sufficient to activate the neuron. Compare temporal summation. spatial-temporal reasoning the ability to conceptualize the threedimensional relationships of objects in space and to mentally manipulate them as a succession of transformations over a period of time. Spatial-temporal reasoning is a cognitive ability that plays an important role in such fields as architecture, engineering, and mathematics, among others, and in such basic tasks as everyday movement of the body through space. speaking in tongues see glossolalia. Spearman rank correlation coefficient (symbol: p) see rank correlation coefficient. [Charles Edward Spearman (1863-1945), British psychologist and psychometrician) special needs the requirements of individuals with physical, mental, or emotional disabilities or financial, community-related, or resource disadvantages. TRAVEL HOUSE SWEDEN 2016.


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