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Travel guide china on J. Simpson entry), won the right to invoke the Fifth Amendment against self-incrimination. On the witness stand, Robert Evans refused even to admit he knew Roy Radin. At a later preliminary hearing, however, star witness William Rider testified that both Mentzer and Marti told him that Evans was involved in Radin’s killing. All four defendants faced first-degree murder charges as the trial opened on October 31, 1990, nearly eight years after the impresario’s brutal killing. Arguing that the motive for Radin’s murder was two-fold Radin 244 (payback for a suspected drug theft and his removal as a rival producer in the financing of The Cotton Club), the prosecution relied heavily on the testimony of William Rider. A highlight of the ten month trial was the testimony of Laney Jacobs-Greenberger, the now 43-year-old wan – nabe producer accused of ordering the hit on Radin. Travel guide china 2016.

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