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I5 Mt. 150 IH I CORtONA ANIIOUARIAtO s.n. c via nazionale 39 4 ALBERGO ITALIAN Street sign showing the direction and location of hotels Hotel Prices During the low season (November to March) prices are cheaper and often negotiable. Florence is less busy than other parts of Tuscany in July and August, * Hidden Extras Before making a reservation, establish whether breakfast is included in the price.

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Garage parking, laundry and snacks in the hotel or from the minibar may be pricey and telephone charges from your hotel room can be phenomenal.

Check the rates first if you are concerned. Some hotels may expect you to take fullor half-board during the high season. Hotel Gradings and Facilities Hotels in italy are classified by a star-rating system, from one to five stars.

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Florence on a Budget: a Travel Guide for Tightfisted Tourists

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