This morning I woke up at 5:30 for day number two of the sunrise week-long challenge except today I didn’t get to go down to the water to watch the sunrise I was so exhausted this morning I woke up, and I posted this clip here zombie mode sucking down coffee trying to wake myself up I had a lot of things to do. So I got straight to work on my computer, and at like 6:30 in the morning I got an email, and this email is a potential travel opportunity for July, and I responded and, I’m waiting to hear back.


So the place that emailed me is on the other side of the world. So literally the other side of the world. So that kind of narrows it down a little bit as to where it is. But hopefully by the end of this post I hear something back, and I get an email, and I can share where you know we might be going what a good day. So far just the good vibes all around the past few days put this guy down here batteries tripod water journal phone extra shirt wallet where’s my wall I always forget my wallet wallet is probably in the office there we go got my wallet alright time to head out for the day, and look at this weather though it is a beautiful day today I just stopped off at Chipotle got my usual burrito, I’m gonna head over to the park now, and meet up with Jessica she just came back uptown she’s working down at West 4th where we were yesterday at the j.crew office I know purpose for a beautiful day it’s warming up though you want to share with the class which you have right there get this right here giant macaroon with a flower petal, and raspberries sweets, and treats we have changed our location to this monument here with some nice seats, and Jessica is devouring her dry macaron uh how does it taste how do they make a macaroon that big that’s huge cause my Instagram I literally just fly you guys here. But I couldn’t get myself to say hi.

So – the visitor from Texas where we were hanging out by the sculpture on the way hey I know we’re just sitting there having our burritos in our macaroons I like much it down on a giant record delicious, and nutritious I highly recommend that if any of you guys go to loved Rey, and you don’t want to get just like the classic macaron I forget what it’s called it starts with an L, and I will butcher it completely if I actually say it. But it’s the one that has like the little two giant macaroons with the raspberries, and then ice cream on the inside it’s almost like Rosie. But juicy. But nothing too floral it’s really good another day another walk through Central Park we’ve been spending a lot of time here you can’t complain about that though do you want to go in the boats or no we’ll go by the water later today yeah I feel like the boats are more like a June July August like a fall boat ride we’re taking Instagram pictures with me we just took some great pictures for Jessica’s Instagram, and now we’re gonna do some for mine. But as what would you say, I’m the official Instagram photographer for your account wow that’s a that’s a big deal right there actually I honestly don’t have a lot of people asking pictures of mainly. Because our pictures are just. So good what is this one macaroons in Central Park there’s lots of tourists there’s something yeah I just did that quick little time-lapse there are so many boats out a day like today you don’t want to go on the boats you just want to walk through the woods here I mean if you look at that it looks like we’re you know in northern Massachusetts there’s a lot of force in Central Park especially when you go farther north I like towards Harlem yeah you know what though the crazy thing is this is all man-made the whole party we are location scouting right now in Central Park.

Because tomorrow we’re gonna wake up early, and do a fashion shoot in the park. But I mean check out this location look at this Jeff like we’re back in Martinique, and here we have the wild Jessica monster hiding at the top of the rock we’re like ten blocks north of where we just were walking into the would you climb on a rock in the woods, and you look off in the distance, and what do you see monster City we were up on this rock for a good almost two hours I fell asleep right here just laying right in between this crevice Jessica was over here. But check this out we’ve lost our Sun the Sun has gone behind that Eldorado is the name of that building right yeah thank you expensive building Yeah right there. So we’re taking that as our cue to leave the wind just picked up the Sun run away time for us to go catch the camera, I’m gonna jump down ready one two all right hold the phone everyone we’re walking home we’re walking home, and look what we see they’re so cute Jessica your people look at door oh my God look at that one look at that chubby little bodies with their feathers it’s a dream come true oh here come the babies the guy is freaking off little pieces of bread, and if one of those hands it has like this big took of bread the other hand, and the goose just go straight for the big piece of there’s a little boy he ran up to the one baby Chiclets or Gosling Gosling great big Ryan Gosling guys, and then the one mother geese who do to Jesus I just got the email their response email to the email I sent this morning. Because it’s now the next day in the place where we might be going earlier today I posted an Instagram kind of giving a hint at where we might be going it’s not quite as tropical as this place. But this is not totally confirmed yet it’s just something that’s in the talks. But our next trip is to take a guess maybe know our next trip is to Japan maybe just a big myth that big maybe we’re just waiting to hear back some things.

But how does that Japan is at the top of Jessica’s travel list if we do end up going on this trip it’ll be in July, and it will be the farthest I’ve ever been away from my home or where I was born which is pretty insane to think about to the other side of the world if you guys are excited for more travel coming up this summer give the post a thumbs up, and leave us a comment down below the common theme is that’s a good one I know I left, and I need to go buy more teeth. Because we’re almost running out my favorite is from David’s tea it is forever nuts, and it is amazing just kind of like it almost tastes like a baked good. But in a for really really good warm. But it’s also really really good price too it’s a great like spring/summer iced teas I might have some tea right now actually yeah yeah good way to end the night until tomorrow everyone remember to smile more worry less, and live your passion okay we’ll see you tomorrow good night everyone.

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