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Travel deals on The basic idea is to always apply a certain amount of units per trade in relation to the available funds in the account. As the account grows, so should the number of units played. If this is done in strict accordance with a certain percentage of capital, it is referred to as compounding. For example, if an account grows from $5 ,000 to $5,500 and the risk is set to 1 percent per trade, a compounding trader will have increased his number of units by 10 percent but his risk per trade still stands at 1 percent. Likewise, when the account shrinks in value, so should the amount of 383 Understanding Price Action units per trade, yet the risk per wager will remain the same in terms of percentage. When exactly to adjust one’s volume is a personal call. Scalpers, trading a single instrument, may want to do so every new session; but the principle of compounding works equally well when done from a weekly perspective, or even on a monthly basis. Travel deals 2016.

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