Travel on An autopsy confirmed Salanti had been dead for several days with death attributed to homicidal violence including asphyxiation. Simply stated, the duct tape over Salanti’s face caused him to suffocate as his assailant searched the residence for items to steal. On October 12, 2005, police arrested Amy Heather Davis, 25, an escort Salanti had met two years earlier in an internet chat room. Addicted to meth, Davis once stole $30,000 from Salanti, but he forgave her despite being warned by friends to terminate the relationship. In custody, Davis told authorities she was standing outside Salanti’s condominium smoking a cigarette on September 23, 2005, when two men approached and forced her at knifepoint to help them rob the former actor. She did so under duress and the influence of her drug addiction. At trial in San Diego on March 12, 2007, Davis faced a first-degree murder charge with special circumstances (murder committed during a burglary and robbery). Travel 2016.

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