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Travel agents in hawaii on Eleven years older than Reeves when they met, 46-year-old Toni Mannix, like his mother, was an incredibly jealous and possessive woman. Toni called him the Boy while Reeves referred to her as Mom. Mannix set her lover up in a house at 1579 Benedict Canyon and lavishly furnished it to the Boy’s taste. Always a big drinker, Reeves alcohol consumption escalated as his television show continued to gain in popularity. By the mid?1950s booze had bloated Superman to the point where he was forced to wear a corset under his cape. Concerned that he might not have an acting career after the series ended, Reeves convinced the producers to let him direct three episodes during the show’s final season in 1957. After seven years, 104 episodes, and one 247 Reeves full-length movie, The Adventures of Superman wrapped on November 27, 1957, amid speculation that the show might be picked up in 1958. Travel agents in hawaii 2016.

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