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Travel agency on Let us assume a stock is trading at 8.50 (Bid)  8.60 (Ask). You will hear people in the chat rooms say a stock is about to up-tick or it is about to down-tick. When we look for an up-tick, what we have to see is the stock price move up one level, meaning we would need to see this stock move from 8.50 (Bid)  8.60 (Ask) to 8. Travel agency 2016.

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He knew the ship back to front, and understood the intricacies of the pumping system, unlike me who was learning as I went along. He gleaned enjoyment by watching me flounder, waiting for me to ask him what needed to be done next before replying with condescension. After a few days I finally lost patience, grabbed him by his shirt-front and told him to give it his best effort to get the job done as a team and stop acting the clever dick, or get off the ship. He changed for the better. The hours were hard.

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