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Tours of asia on Concerned, Selena took the distraught woman to a local hospital where she ultimately retracted her story after doctors could find no evidence of a sexual attack. Selena checked Saldivar into Room 158 of the Days Inn Motel off Interstate 37 on the city’s northside promising to come see her alone later that evening to pick up all the business records for the fan club and boutiques. Instead, she brought husband Christopher Perez (the bass player in her band she wed in 1992) and informed Saldivar that she was no longer her personal manager. Saldivar handed over the bank records, but it was determined later that evening not the ones documenting October?December 1994, a crucial time of her suspected malfeasance. Saldivar called Selena later that evening to report she had the missing records and could give them to her tomorrow morning. Selena phoned her father to inform him she would be at the family’s recording studio at 10:00 A.M. Tours of asia 2016.

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