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Tours in hawaii on After months of skilled cajoling, Snider convinced the technically under – aged Dorothy to pose for nude test shots in August 1978. Forging the signature of Dorothy’s mother (still unaware of his intent) on the consent form, Snider contacted Ken Honey, a Vancouver photographer with a track record of selling shots to Playboy, to shoot the frightened teenager at the Jewish pimp’s apartment. Despite Snider’s insistence that all the top stars now posed for the magazine, Dorothy reportedly cried throughout the photo session. Playboy flipped when they received the photos and immediately summoned Dorothy, without manager Snider, to Los Angeles for a series of test shots and a meeting at the mansion with Hef. Based on the Playboy shots, Dorothy (her last name later changed by the magazine to the non-ethnic sounding Stratten) was immediately placed in contention with 16 other beauties for the 25th Anniversary Playmate. Stratten lost out to Candy Loving, but was announced as the Playmate of the Month for August 1979. In order to legally keep the Canadian-born Stratten in the States, Playboy hired the former Dairy Queen counter girl as a bunny at the Century City Playboy Club. Tours in hawaii 2016.

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