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Tour to asia on In the chart above, the down-sloping 25ema and the shrinking arches clearly let on that the bears currently had the best of the action; in fact, bulls could do little else than bravely defend themselves against the repeated attacks on the round number of 1 .33. Without thinking short yet, this tells us that all bets on the buy side are off for the moment. As is very common in a: round number fight, there were incidental perforations below the level but they did not lead to immediate collapse. Always keep in mind that round number defense can be very tenacious and perforations seldom follow through without at least some form of buildup backing up the charge. Notice that the false break at F was no cause to redraw the box yet (its falseness validated the prior low of 1 ) ; but when later on the lows of 5 and 6 came to match the low of F, the barrier could have been lowered to the level of the dotted line (now ignoring the break at T) . It remained to be seen, though, how indicative a mere break of this tricky barrier would be with the round number still very much in play. Tour to asia 2016.

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