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Totonicapan Travel on They chanted in unison. The Spaniards waited anxiously. A young page, Pedro Pizarro, saw many Spaniards urinate without noticing it, out of pure terror. It was late afternoon when the vanguard of this magnificent procession marched into Cajamarca’s plaza. In a very fine litter with the ends of its timbers covered in silver, came . . . Totonicapan Travel 2016.

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Virtually all the New Zealand ports are on the east coast, which is sheltered from the rolling Pacific swell and which has the natural harbours. New Plymouth and Greymouth are the only ports on the west coast, both of which are quite small. Wellington, the capital of New Zealand, was a place I never warmed to. It had an industrial, impersonal feel that was at odds with the rest of the places we visited. We usually stayed in Wellington for a week, loading hides and animal products.

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