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Top vacations in the us on Further Reading Shattered Dreams an Actress Murdered. ABC News: Primetime Thursday (transcript), May 1, 2003. Berg, Alan (V) In 1983, Denver, Colorado radio shock jock Alan Berg told an interviewer, I stick it to them Benson 24 and they love it. Hopefully, my legal training will prevent me from saying the one thing that will kill me. His murder on June 18, 1984 was not only tragic in a personal sense, but also served to focus national attention on the role of so-called insult deejays in defining the limits of the constitutionally guaranteed right of free speech. A former Chicago lawyer, Berg debuted on Denver radio in 1971 and over the next decade parlayed his persona as the last angry man into the highest ratings in town. The Alan Berg Show ran from 8:00 P. Top vacations in the us 2016.

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