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Top vacation spots in us on Once again, the price action here looks awfully familiar. Bulls were clearly in charge in the 1 -2 upswing, which may have left plenty of sideline bulls on the lookout for a correction of sorts. Hopefully it needs no explaining that the morning-star pattern at 3 offered a very poor base for a trade on the long side (skip entry in bar 4). Trading for continua- 415 Understanding Price Action tion near the highs of a bull swing, and in resistance of a round number to boot, seldom makes for great odds. Unfavorable also was the relatively wide stop needed for technical protection (below 3). Just skip and await a better opportunity. About an hour later, this came presented as a result of very fine buildup within the 5-7 element, which was part of a Vw-variant starting at 4. Top vacation spots in us 2016.

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