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Top vacation deals 2015 on Of course, a novice, too, will quickly come to realize that the conditions are out of the ordinary and that follow-through on breakouts is often treacherously brittle; but it is no easy chore to come up with an adequate answer on how to adapt to this kind of setting. This chapter is meant to offer some insights on the matter, but before we proceed, allow me to suggest a very worthy alternative first, which is not to adjust, but to simply set up more markets to trade. Needless to say, this doesn’t release a trader from practicing patience still, but at least it is fair to assume that trading more markets simultaneously should increase the amount of opportunities offered. By trading, say, four markets, as opposed to a single instrument, it requires a mere fourth of the average points per market to come out ahead with similar 392 Chapter I I Adapting to Low Volatility results as before. In addition to adding markets, a trader could also split up his working day into two shifts, so as to focus on the hours of most activity, which are usually the first few hours following an Open. For example, Asian traders can trade the Asian and the EU morning (00:00-04:00 and 08:00- 1 2 :00 CET). European traders can trade the EU and US morning (08:00- 1 2 :00 and 1 4:00- 1 8 :00); American traders can trade the early US morning, and then perhaps give it another go in the Asian Open later on ( 1 4:00- 1 8 : 00 and 00:00-04:00) . Top vacation deals 2015 2016.

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