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Top us vacation spots on Points of interest: Both the bear break in bar 2 and the one below bar 3 (three-bar combi) were reversal wagers in defiance of a very explicit trend-and arguably deployed at the worst possible moment as well, straight into a trending 25ema. It didn’t take long for these eager bears to realize their mistake, nor for savvy bulls to start examining their trade-for-failure options. Depending on one.:s appetite for aggression, there were three bull breaks offered (above the first three arrows) , the latter of which was a textbook trade-for-failure entry. The problem with the first break, above bar 4, was the fact that the horizontal line below the reversal progression had not yet been broken back. On the other hand, a less conservative bull could argue that the mini break below combi 2-3 was broken back, and also that this situation bore all the makings of a regular bull-flag breakout ( 1 -4) . The subsequent breakout (second arrow) showed persistence on the part of the bulls, but this break, too, was still offered below the horizontal barrier extension. Top us vacation spots 2016.

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