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Top us vacation cities on Part I lays out the principles of price action and discusses entry and exit techniques on a broad range of educational charts. In Part 2 we will examine how these findings hold up on a more continuous basis. Included within is a series of six months of consecutive 5-minute sessions of the eur / usd. Besides providing a massive amount of study material, this series should leave little doubt behind as to the amazing continuity and exploitability of price action themes from one session to the next. One of the most common questions I rec.eived in response to my first book, Forex Price Action Scalping, was if the principles and setups pointed out on a fast scalping chart (70-tick) could also be applied to the higher intraday frames, like the 2 or 5-minute, or even the hourly for that matter. There can only be one answer to this question: price action principles are transposable to any time frame of choice because they bear within them the universal laws of supply and demand. Top us vacation cities 2016.

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