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Top travelling destinations on Definitely more interesting was the break above bar 4 which came about as a consequence of the 1 -4 buildup, which in turn had found technical footing in the cluster on the left. This was an ascending triangle variant hanging from the pole T – l . Consequently, you could play this break with a technical target equaling the T – 1 stretch, which would bring prices more or less to the next 5-level at 3 .875. A stop could be placed either below bar 4 or bar 3, but there is little point in setting it below bar 2 or lower still; after all, the premise behind trading a break from a buildup progression is that prices should either follow through in double-pressure fashion, or the trade is best closed out with a minimal loss without much ado. Since this break took place in mid-range, it would have been rather optimistic to have aimed for a target that equaled the width of the box when counted from the top barrier. A very common theme to have anticipated here was for prices to bounce back from 3. Top travelling destinations 2016.

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