Top Travel Woes

Traveling is not all rainbows and butterflies as the holiday pictures may imply. There is much more drama and hassle involved than one would think. But of course that does not mean you stop traveling. The fun and excitement of traveling weighs out the stress and hassle. We have all faced trouble while traveling at least once during our adventures. Let’s take a look at some of the most common travel woes that a traveler is most likely to face during their trip.

1. Theft
Crimes rates vary country to country. When you are visiting another country, the chances of you being a victim of crime is very rare since you are only exposed to the place for a limited period of time. However thin the chances are, theft is always a possibility. Especially theft of your wallet or mobile phone in busy touristy areas. This can be quite nightmarish. Your mobile phone being stolen means communication within the country and with the ones back home is not as easy anymore. You even lose all your contacts which is a bigger loss than the mobile phone itself. As you are in another country, it would also be difficult to contact relevant authorities to block your sim card and lock your phone.

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If God forbid your wallet is taken, you are in big trouble. Especially if you are one of those travelers who carry all important documents like identity card and debit/credit card in their wallet. This is why it is highly advisable that you don’t keep all your cards in one place. Also, never carry too much cash at once. If you are traveling with a number of people, one person should not be carrying all the cash.

2. Mosquito

It may seem that a tiny creature like the mosquito won’t be able to affect your traveling much. That is a completely wrong notion. If you are visiting countries where mosquitos are common, you should be well equipped to deal with them. Mosquito bites are quite annoying and the itchiness really becomes a hassle eventually. Make sure you pack mosquito repellents and lotions.

3. Jet Lag

This is by far the most common travel problem that almost all travelers face. If you traveling to a time zone just a few hours different to your home time zone, then you have nothing to worry about. But if the difference is greater than 6 hours, you may have trouble adjusting. Some travelers take at least 2 to 3 days to fully adjust while others stay jet lagged and fatigued during the entire trip more or less.

4. Air Miles

Many travelers want to buy miles in order to get a discount on their air ticket. Accumulating these miles during your travels is more complicated than it would seem. Whereas purchasing them online is also tricky since it is very difficult to assess if the benefit outweighs the cost or not.

5. Sun Burn
If you don’t want a red, itchy skin throughout your trip, make sure you pack a sunscreen lotion. Also remember to carry an anti-inflammatory medicine.

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