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Top travel destinations in us on Police contacted Downey and con vinced the frightened boat worker to gather information on Brown. During weeks of undercover work, Downey milked the talkative Brown for details about the murder, and where some of the loot from Stringbean’s cabin could be recovered. Doug Brown talked endlessly of how he and his cousin, John Tootsie Brown, had heard that Stringbean kept $25,000 in cash in his farmhouse, and how they had waited for the banjo player to return from the Opry on the night of the murders. According to Brown, it was cousin John who pulled the trigger on the couple. On January 16, 1974, John A. Brown, 23, and his cousin, Doug Brown, 23, were arrested at their residences in Shady Acres Trailer Park in Greenbrier. Remarkably, eight months later the garrulous Doug Brown relived the agonizing moments of the Akeman murders in a jailhouse confession with reporter Larry Brinton published in the Nashville Banner on July 23, 1974. Top travel destinations in us 2016.

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