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WATER : Water in Manila is excellent and safe to drink.

WHAT TO BUY : Embroidery, buntal hats, delicate piha bags, handkerchiefs, bags, dining sets, rattan art, silver filigrees, linens, tex-

The ruins of the Manila Cathedral, originally built in 1581 and many times destroyed. Now under reconstruction.

tiles, wood carvings, cigars, shellcraft, beautiful wooden salad bowls, canape trays, fruit bowls and many other items.

WHAT TO WEAR: Both men and women should take clothing of wrinkle-resistant materials. In the evenings at the clubs and best hotels, men wear black trousers and white sharkskin dinner jackets. Recommended materials for men and women are rayon, cotton, sharkskin, gabardine and other light materials. Bring sportswear, too. WHERE TO GO SIGHTSEEING

 Manila: In Manila you should see the Malacanan Palace, the official residence of the President of the Philippines; Santo Tomas, founded in 1611, one of the oldest universities in the world; In-tramuros, the Spanish Walled City, now in ruins; Fort Santiago, an old dungeon built by the Spaniards and used by the Japanese as a prison and torture chamber; Rizal Stadium Manila’s sports center, and the new University of the Philippines at Quezon City. A short drive from Manila over an excellent highway is cool Tagaytay Ridge, overlooking beautiful Lake Taal. The Manila Hotel maintains a guest house at the ridge. On the way, at the church in Las Pinas, you can see the famous Bamboo Organ, reputed to be the only one in the world.

Other interesting day trips from Manila include visits to the Balara Filters, Pagsanjan Falls, Clark Air Force base, the beautiful white sand beaches at Batangas and Bataan, historical Corregidor at the entrance to Manila, and the day cruise to the island of Mindoro.

One hour by air from Manila is Baguio, picturesque summer capital in the mountains. North of Baguio in Banaue one sees huge rice terraces carved from the mountainsides, a marvel of primitive engineering. If you have the time, you’ll find it interesting to visit the Bicol provinces in southeastern Luzon and the southern islands of the Visayas, Mindanao and Sulu groups (about 2 hours by air from Manila).

SOURCES OF FURTHER INFORMATION: The Philippine Tourist and Travel Association, with offices in the Manila Hotel, has folders, information, description of tours, etc. Pan American has an office in the hotel as well as at 204 Escolta (Tel. 31981). In New York George Peabody and Associates, Inc., 471 Park Avenue, can supply information.



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