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Top hawaii hotels on The only time I will trade in after-hours trading is when I want to exit a gap play. I never buy stocks after-hours, as it is akin to the purest form of gambling. One day, I saw Rambus announce good news in after-hours trading and they moved up nearly 50 points. I saw traders shorting the stock CHAPTER 10 Time of Day 187 TEAMFLY from the low 100s. This stock hit near 150 in after-hours on relatively good volume, but the liquidity and ECN participation made the stock stronger than it was. The next day, the stock traded in the 110’s, down near 40 points from the after-hours high. This explains the dangers of trading in after-hours: being short near 100 and having it move to 150 or buying near 140 to 150 and having it trade lower near 110 the next day. Top hawaii hotels 2016.

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