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Top Family vacation on So in strict technical terms, that did not qualify as a textbook trade-for-failure wager either. Even without the benefit of hindsight, we can safely state that the third arrow depicts the superior break, for this offered an entry above the reversal barrier extension. A cute feature here was that the bearish Chapter 8 Recap Part I three-bar combi 2-3 had been answered with a bullish three-bar combi, starting at 4, and this had set up a mini inverse head-and-shoulders variant (box). This situation serves well to highlight a most crucial concept: where the break of a reversal pattern against dominance is generally met with suspicion, the break of such a pattern in line with it (in the turn of a pullback) is very often acted on with little in the way of reservation, even when of lesser prowess. Note: When there is a strong potential for immediate continuation, alternative entry tactics can be considered. For instance, a bull could have decided to overrule standard procedure by firing long not on the break of signal bar 4, but on the first re-break of the reversal barrier extension, should this be offered before a standard entry came to pass. Whether or not to go this route is always a personal call. Top Family vacation 2016.

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