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Top destinations for backpackers on 61 WfifW.ProRe; eur/usd 5-minute 8 9 Figure 7.6 In our discussions on the pattern break combi setup in Chapter 5, we already took up the entry specifics on the first trade, the short below combi 1 (Figure 5. 1 1 ) . This chart shows the follow-up action during the UK morning session. After a stale Asian market, it is not uncommon for the action to immediately pick up pace in the EU Open at 08:00. Top destinations for backpackers 2016.

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I leant over the rails and watched as the passengers filed up the gangway. They were universally ancient to my twenty-one-year-old eyes; the youngest of them must have been in their fifties. We listened to the fall of Saigon on the BBC World Service as we crossed the Indian Ocean on a hot week in April, westbound for South Africa again with a full cargo from the Far East. I followed the news intensely, having had my escapade there fifteen months beforehand. I knew several people who were now sailing on the Singapore to Saigon run, carrying jet fuel to Nha Be, as I had done.

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