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Top countries tourism on Theater Producer Carl Stohn Is Slain. Chicago Tribune, August 22, 1980, p. 2. Stratten, Dorothy (V) (M-S) In the nearly half century since Hugh M. Hefner founded Playboy magazine and its subsequent Hydra-headed expansion into various avenues of popular entertainment (casinos, television, films) one prize has been beyond the Em – pire’s reach not one of its Playmates has ever been recognized as a legitimate star. Claudia Jennings enjoyed a film career of sorts before dying in a car crash on October 3, 1979, but it was in low-budget exploitation films like Unholy Rollers (1972), The Single Girls (1973), and Moonshine County Express (1977). Likewise, blonde bomb – shell Anna Nicole Smith, a one-time stripper turned Guess Jeans model, did similar films (To the Limit, 1995; Skyscraper, 1997; Wasabi Tuna, 2003) prior to deteriorating into self-parody on her television reality program, The Anna Nicole Show (2002?2004). Top countries tourism 2016.

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